The Studio


The studio, founded in 2000 by Barbara Brollo, deals with architectural projects in their entirety and complexity, following with professionalism and enthusiasm all the phases of the design process , from the concept to the construction part, with full control of all phases.
The office counts on the collaboration of several professionals, pays special attention to the transformation process of existing buildings and their conversion, working locally and internationally, always trying to achieve the peculiarities of the context of the project.
Always enthusiastic to undertake new design challenges, the office trys to conciliate research, innovation, together with professional skills, able to follow any design at different scales, from complex architectonical projects , to landscape design, and different private housing ,offices, showroom, exhibition design , up to the product design.
Over the years the studio has collaborated with arch. Simone Cordara, Lila de Santos, Hector Sarlinga, Pietro Arioli, Alessandro Lainati, Chiara Aliverti, Playarchitecture, studio Pini & Strauli, with the help of Pavel Markov, Elisabetta Corneo and Angelo di Matteo.

Barbara Brollo

Barbara Brollo is  the principal of the studio, architect with several local and international professional experiences.
Born in 1972, she graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico of Milan cum laude in 1998 and at studied one year at ETSAB, Barcelona , Spain. During her studies had the chance to take part of a workshop in Israel. Between 1998 and 1999 collaborated in Barcelona, Spain, with the office Xavier Basiana, Toni Camps, on different projects: the offices of radio Cadena 100, private housing and the project for the new high speed railway station of la Sagrera.
In 1999 she established the studio of architecture and design IC-99, in Milan together with Isabel Alves da Silva, Gianluca Lugli, Matteo Poli, Gianmaria Sforza Fogliani. Between 2000 and 2002 she collaborated with the office of Silvio Caputo e Andrea Zegna, focusing on the world of luxury retail. Between 2003 and 2006 she shared her own office with arch. Simone Cordara, with whom continues to work nowadays. During the years she had different partnerships with several offices and professionals, even in international competitions and in different countries: Spain, Argentina, China, England, Switzerland. Since 2013 Barbara teaches architectural design and interior design at the Politecnico of Milan, in international classes. From 2015 to 2017 she held the role of representative of Professional Association of Architects of Milan in the master’s degree commission, at the Politecnico of Milan, Faculty of Architecture. Since 2015 she is an active member of Guiding Architect, worldwide network of guided tours on architecture.
Curious and traveler, she has always been fascinated by the ways people live, loves to study the context and the habits, that are the starting point for the concept of every new project at the different scales. She collects design objects belonging to the past or simply found on her everyday walks, that are then re-contextualized, reinterpreting and enhancing themes with contemporary language.